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Batavian houseChinese Shophouse in Batavia
Rumah Orang Batavia
Chinese Architecture
Arsitektur Tionghoa
Tijgergracht (Kanal Macan) di BataviaPeta Batavia

Ada tulisan lama dari S Kalf yang menceritakan tentang keindahan kanal di Batavia, pada masa-masa VOC, orang Batavia memiliki prasarana lalu lintas dan, perhubungan air yang sempurna, yang semua keindahannya di tulis oleh penyair dan di gambarkan oleh para pelukis. Keindahan itu bukan karena kanal-kanal itu memiliki nama hewan dari alam tropis yang antara lain kanal badak, kanal buaya, kanal singa, kanal kerbau, yang semua itu dihubungkan dengan lalu-lintas seperti Venis di Italia. Dan tentu saja kanal-kanal itu tidak berbau. Inilah tulisannya

3. Kemewahan Kanal MacanTijgersgracht di Batavia Kota Tua Jakarta

Adalah Joan Nieuhoff seorang pelancong yang melakukan berbagai perjalanan mengakui segala kecantikan Batavia. Dia mengatakan di sepanjang jalan yang mengapit kanal ini di tanami pohon palem, kanalnya lebar yang dipinggirnya ditutup dengan batu dan di sepanjang jalan adalah bangunan rumah tembok dari batu yang indah.

Dekorasi rumah sering tidak dapat di hindari, itu adalah ciri khas kehidupan di Hindia Belanda yang menjadi cerminan dari karir penghuninya yang panjang.

7. Public BuildingsThe Governor of Batavia Anthony van Diemen (1593 - 1645)

Among the public buildings at Tiger was the town hall, of which square reached until the watter-straat (Tee Street) or Heeren- Straat. And then, the short age Latin School of Batavia. This school was opened in 1642 in the reign of Governor-General Anthony van Diemen, the rector was pastor John Sterthemius and a dozen students. Its façade was in Tiger Canal, but the yard - there was a large playground and a beautiful house for the rector – opened to the back side with a stone gateway to the Crocodile Canal.

1. The first Scenario A Place for Prayer in Kemenangan Street

Architectural theory is a major hospital that consists of various data analysis tools in the same destination, to search for one's illness and to provide treatment. The social conditions of communities that are ill, is always seen in terms of socioeconomic without seeing the gaps as an integral part of the spatial system. It is one method to seek the return of faulty memory by changes.2)

Architectural theory is the background of healing of lost recollection due to political pressure.

3. The Third ScenarioThe Street and The Building

Architectural theory is grown not in the world of practitioners who were very afraid of the capital owners, but in the world of education as an academic excellence that distinguishes architecture schools with one another. The development of each architecture school is based on a unique curriculum and organized by idealism. Could this happen in Indonesia?

Our nation likes too much with the uniform, not just a military uniform, but also electric substation, bus stops, gas stations, up to a public restroom, the architecture department must abide by the national curriculum that makes all the

4. The Last Scenario.Le Corbusier, The chapel of Notre Dame du Haut in Ronchamp completed in 1954

As well as Modern Architecture, from Post Modern to Deconstruction all grown up with the support of educational institutions. Deconstruction developed because of AA (Architectural Association) which controlled the journals of architecture in England. Similarly, modern architecture evolved because of Bauhaus institution and De Stijl magazine developed in Europe. In fact, the support undertaken at the Bauhaus seeking ideological foundations that caused its closure by Hitler for being leftist and the teachers fled Germany. Aesthetics is trust to be derived from ideological concepts.