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1. Batavia Playboy Who Died on The Gallows

For people born in old Jakarta, the name Oey Tambahsia was already very well known. Not because of his richness, but his attitute that made all parents of beautiful girls half-dead worrying. But finally Oey Tambahsia hit the stone as well.

In 1837, Toko Tiga Street in Jakarta Kota was a bustling commercial center. The largest tobacco shop on the street belonged to a large Chinese merchant from Pekalongan, named Oey Thoa. Although not long ago settled in Betawi, Oey was quite famous. Not only because of the success of his business, but also his generosity. It was said that Oey had a habit of giving alms to the poor on the first and fifteenth days of the Chinese calendar, while he was praying at Kim Tek le Temple.

A few years later the Heritage Hall held an auction. The day's auctions were more special, because they included not only things, furniture and other things, but also land. The Land to be offered was in Pintu Kecil Street,  it bordered by Pekojan River at the west, at east by Great River (Kali Besar), at the south by Tongangan River and at the north of Kampung Melaka River.

Once the moving goods were auctioned completely, the auctioneer's chief offers the land to the highest bidder. He added that the landowner secured his rights, as set out in the Private Land Regulation in the 1811 Staatsblad.

"Twenty thousand guilders" some one from Pasar Baru.

"Once, twice...."

"Twenty thousand!" Exclaimed Oey Thoa who had just been watching.

"Thirty thousand!" Said a potential buyer from Senen.

"Fifty thousand," Oey said calmly.

The suddenly soaring offer shocked the audience. After it was announced three times nobody ever made another offer, then the piece of land fell into Oey's hands. He pays cash with the money sheets stored in his belt.



Pintu Kecil Street
Pintu Kecil Street