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1. Beautiful City

It was not excessive if the poets adored the city of Batavia as bustling canals for transportation arteries. Nor was it a coincidence that most of the city's main canals baptized with the name derived from the tropical animal world. There were canals crocodile, lion, rhino, tiger and buffalo were all connected into canal traffic. Batavia was a city built with the model of "Vaderlandsch", with large rivers as the main channel which was located in the middle between the canals and brick construction.

The great river was Ciliwung which had sixteen tributary, flowed from the Blue Mountains, blessed with clear water. Batavia was built on a solid plan. So it is not like Amsterdam, inside the wall of the city there is no stream that meanders.

Canals in Batavia, except Circular Canal to Castle, was cut into pieces, each rectangle and distributed to the entire city paralellogrammen really shady because of the trees along the canal. The city was built on alluvial and swamp terrain, and, after the chosen place, planned by the panel of canals and waterways, taking into account the flow of water, canals could also be used as the water traffic. For the purposes of trade here all the important buildings had front yard and fixed the height of the city streets into a new Batavia.

Like in the town in the Cape Colony (Cape of Good Hope) which was famous throughout the world have the names of the Netherlands. Seeing that, in fact the name of a tropical animal in Batavia canals naming was misguided. By that time this city was still surrounded by jungle that full of wild animals such as crocodiles, rhinos, and tigers, before it the forest turned into urban. Crocodile, for example, not only lived in the interior of the island, but also in the city. Long time ago when the Governor General Carpentier returned from hunting, after arriving in the city he found a horse that was being bathed in dragged by a crocodile into the depths. People who bathe the horse was just dazed and then slipping. In return on August 10, 1641 at the canal behind Amsterdam gate, a soldier caught a crocodile and also found his large egg.

Nature was often harmful to humans. In 1692, three soldiers were persecuted and bitten by a crocodile. The crocodile was later captured and hanged. This monster fought back with his strong leg and tail, and he hit the pole. "This," writes the author of the history, "is the first example that I met there was a crocodile punished on the gallows”.

There was also a buffalo canal. This name is okay as in a city there were native farmer using to pull the plow. But there was a canal named wild rhinoceros, it is ridiculous. In 1661, captured by some natives a rhinoceros around the walls of the fort. Meanwhile the name lion canal was taken from an animal that was not the native the island, but it was taken from the Cape colony for the zoo in the palace. One of them escaped from the cage and then shot by Captain Winkelerzand.

However, the most frequent was fragmentaris notices about tigers. He said that while the animal small was not so dangerous. The animal was small and beautiful like a dog. But the tiger really should not be used to play around. Half a century after the founding of Batavia, there were still so many tigers in the vicinity. People hope the animals trapped in the hole and killed. According to the records there was a large tiger, people call it a black tiger, and probably he was a panther. In 1659, a Malay carpenter told a story of a raging tiger that night when the slaves sitting around a fire. They escaped into the woods. This event was located not far from the town, in Ancol. Then there was a Chinese who came and caught him, this guy got a dozen Real as a gift.

The Ships in Batavia
The Ships in Batavia