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11. The Night.

Night arrived, the reflection of moonlight on the roof of city hall was fabulous. Bright moon like this happened when she was not pale like cardboard, but in the northern sky colored sparkling fireball. Although the Sun in the Indie was very hot, but the moon was a generous entertainer, like a fairy glow. Now she was glistening on the water of tiger canal like silver. The moon seemed to float and sway when the boat came out of Amsterdam Canal or Lion Canal , by the short-handed paddle boat rowers. The passenger sitting in the light of Chinese lanterns, singing Malay poetry, to accompany the children to play with their musical instruments. Floated in calm waters, somewhere out of the canal tiger. The cool night and a full moon; This is the tropics, with a Malay poem depicting:

Playing little wind

By whistling like sugarcane,

With funny motion, cute, and funny

Small rippling water

From a distance one had seen the candles light and astral lamps in Tiger Canal. People saw the spark torch behind the carriage, a night here was the time of dating  and the feast; especially in the Tiger canal. A song to entertain the glamor people of Batavia, "rame-rame" far into the night until the last party and the tropical night calmed again. Daydreaming let banyan tree with thick leaves depended on the water, moonlight in heaven, the night breeze caressing the shining foliage of polarized light. Tiger canal water still rippling; as it because of the slave who were bathing, as it the canoe fisherman, as it the Chinese boat, which was on its floor hidden smuggled opium.

Tiger Canal at Night
Tiger Canal at Night