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12. The Ruin

However, it was destiny that the past glories of Tiger Canal has vanished, together with the trade in Batavia that once was strong and everyone had a big house along the river bank. Because Daendels eviction old resident of Batavia gradually to Noordwijk, Rijswijk, Weltevreden, and move the capital city to new Batavia. All of their homes in Tiger Canal, in which the governor and member of board of indies ever lived, stood empty. In the late 18th century, the brightness of the VOC has become dry bone and signs of decay in every place emerged. Tiger Canal that had experienced its glory, was a distant memory. From the large colonial affairs to undertakings of dirt, and luxury ornaments brutally crushed; the city’s plot values began to fall sharply, anticipating that their houses would be demolished. Housing environment that was once the best in Batavia was lost and damaged. In 1816, at the end of British rule, in the Tiger Canel were only a few old houses, inhabited by the Black Portuguese, who was once the slaves, and Chinese.

Not only the city, but also the valuable canals were destroyed. The whole system of canals of old Batavia built by previous generations, and it had cost thousands of guilders; de Mookervaart by Vincent van Mook; Amanus Canel, the works of Attorney J. Amanus; Antjolsche Vaart, the works of public director Francois Caron, had been destroyed. Only Kali Besar (great river) and several canals in Chinatown survives. Large houses and their flower gardens in Tiger Canal had been demolished, replaced with a fish pond, a Chinese cemetery, and coconut groves. Of famous Tiger Canal were just left dirty and muddy water, here and there a stone bridge looks dilapidated. The ruins were cut off the pier which was then covered with grass and shrubs, and frayed through the ruins of houses that stretch and once occupied the richest citizens of Batavia. So old saying "The Queen of the East" was certainly no longer recognized. Those who had lived in Tiger Canal could had gotten out of their graves, the harp of Jan de Marre would had cry instead of hymns, and Valentine the preacher with his Bible would had said:

,,Is this a beautiful city that is perfect and full of joy? "

The Only Old Wall of Batavia That Is Still Left
The Only Old Wall of Batavia That Is Still Left