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2. Become a ‘Leutenant’ in a short time.

After the auction Oey was approached by Major Tan Eng Goan, one of the leading Chinese community leaders in Batavia at that time. The major asked to go him home in his horse-cart. The friendship between the two increases Oey's prestige in the eyes of the Chinese community. Once Tan proposed to the Dutch government for Oey to be appointed as lieutenant and member of the Chinese Council (Kong Koan).

Oey had four children. The first was a daughter, married to the son of the Pekalongan’s regent, who would later succeed his father. The second was a son named Holland (Holan), third was Tambah and fourth Macau or Mako.

According to people, Oey moved to Batavia for marrying his eldest son to the regent’s son, who was his best friend ever. The Chinese community was unlikely to accept the mixed marriage. They made various pressure and slander to Oey so he was forced to leave the city.

After a few years in office as luitenant der Chinezen who controlled Kongsi Besar under district, Oey suddenly died. During his tenure he did his job well, so it was given the honor name of Oey Thay Lo, which meaned the great and old Oey.

When Oey died just fifty years old. His son Tambah, who was usually called Oey Tambahsia (sia was a kind of honorary title for boys of people who hold an impotant position) was just fifteen. Even as a teenager, Tambah was already famous as a handsome young man and liked to dress up. Every morning and evening he liked to ride his horse around the town. His head was wear silk carpus hat. His clothes was Chinese model looked very neat. He was also famous as a very generous young man. His another behavior was that he did not like to get along with Chinese high rank  society. Even though he was the son of a Chinese leader, he seemed to avoid other leaders. Everywhere he was followed by some of his accomplices.

One hundred days after his father's death, Tambah was often seen cruising with the cart drawn by  bangs horses. To the coachman, he said to slow down his way if passing the residence of a Chinese official. According to the custom of the time, any Chinese who passes through the residence of the community leader must open the hat as a mark of respect. Tambahsia deliberately slows down his vehicle so that the Chinese leaders saw that as if he would do the honour.

One day a member of the Chinese Council, The Kim Houw, visited Oey Tambah to advise him not to be arrogant and haughty, and to rely on his father's treasures to belittle the other leaders. They are all friends of his father. Oey totally ignored the advice of The who was at his father's age, even embarrassing him with disrespect. He acted so because he knew that many of the Chinese leaders received financial contributions from his late father. Moreover he and his brother received a very big inheritance. Among them were the wide plots of land in Pasar Baru, the Curug area, Tangerang, where the rent was f 95,000 a year; in pintu kecil Jakarta area that costs f 40,000 a year. In addition, land, merchandise, money and jewelry amount to two million guilders more.

Mayor Tan Eng Goan
Mayor Tan Eng Goan