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2. The second Scenario

Because architecture is not ornaments and proportions of the façade of a mall as the giant mall turns into architecture only when it is crowded with people, even when there was a robber killed a security guard inside. 5) Malls in Jakarta have meaning when they are overwhelmed with people who need space to express themselves in public. The tall buildings in Jakarta that are far from the pedestrian zone but in crowded by stuck vehicle, is actually a crematorium for the architecture itself. I do not believe in the Form follows function because the function is associated with a form, and as long as  architecture is the shape of the building, it is man's limitations before architecture is killed. Function is the order of program, and architecture is the elaborated art in a space filled with the program. Architecture is a space filled with humans. Pompei remains a work of architecture as long as he is still visited by tourists, she is no different from the painting of ruins placed on the wall of a museum.

Architecture is not the tall buildings along Thamrin Street of Jakarta that are pounding the heart of migrants from villages, or wide flyovers, toll road filled with vehicles and traffic jams. Architecture is hospitality in a kampong of Jakarta, which is present since Batavia and continues  for generations until now. Architecture is the dynamics of the occupants in the narrow alleys Petak Sembilan and Pasar Baru area crowded with humans and has a specific smell. From this opinion, flats designed by those who call themselves architects, becomes not architecture as long as there is no room for dialogue, meeting and social time between the inhabitants.



5) "To really appreciate architecture you may even need to commit a murder" Tschumi 1979: Advertisement for architecture.

Petak Sembilan
Petak Sembilan