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3. De Provence Hotel

In 1828 the house was purchased by two French businessmen named A. Chaulan and J.J. Didero. Both are in the hospitality business, because they already had a hostel in Bidara Cina. The name Chaulan  was immortalized for an alley name Gang Chaulan. The old resident of the city called the alley Kemakmuran Street, which was then renamed again to Hasyim Ashari Street.

At first, the hotel was known as Hotel Chaulan only; later it became Hotel de Provence (1835) in honor of the owner’s birth place. In 1841, Chaulan son, Etienne, established a company in a joint venture with Deelman who has a house cart work shop,  until now people name the horse cart delman, which was created in the workshop. The new hotel leader, C. Denninghoff, later on named it Rotterdamsch Hotel in 1854.

The name Hotel des Indes which took it to the peak of splendor to be unveiled by deed on May 1, 1856. According to Dr. de Haan, the author of the famous book Oud Batavia, the new name was the proposal of the author of Multatuli to the hotel owner. Dr de Haan said that Multatuli who had lived for a while in the hotel, did not miss the opportunity to persuade the owner to change the name of the hotel to "des Indes".

Hotel des Indes Guest Pavilliun
Hotel des Indes Guest Pavilliun