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3. The Third Scenario

Architectural theory is grown not in the world of practitioners who were very afraid of the capital owners, but in the world of education as an academic excellence that distinguishes architecture schools with one another. The development of each architecture school is based on a unique curriculum and organized by idealism. Could this happen in Indonesia?

Our nation likes too much with the uniform, not just a military uniform, but also electric substation, bus stops, gas stations, up to a public restroom, the architecture department must abide by the national curriculum that makes all the architecture department in Indonesia uniform and barren.

As the governor who likes the uniform, the faculty of architecture is afraid to select the "other" out of the uniform recognized by the government. Do not forget, the first Bauhaus was also opposed by the rigid traditions of architectural education, but go ahead with the disorder.6) Are there professors who dare to start with "the other"? Can we accept the different? Otherwise, the development of architectural theory has been killed by the uniformity of the educational curriculum of architecture itself.


6) See Whitford, 1993:30


The Street and The Building
The Street and The Building