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4. Jacob Lugt

Jacob Lugt, the new owners who bought des Indes Hotel in 1888, was a former military and successful businessman. It was he who began to cultivate the hotel massively. Between the years 1891-1894 he bought the lands around it and made a large hotel complex of 80,000 sq m.

The lands was included former Moenswijk used as reception paviljoen, Reinier de Klerk land, parcels called Hortus Medicus (garden of medicinal plants) of the widow of van der Parra and Goldmann parcels bordering Chaulan Gang.

However, the wealthy Jacob Lugt did not gained success in the hospitality business. Either because of other speculation, or he was too generous to his guests. In 1897 he went bankrupt and the hotel was used as a limited liability company. The shareholders soon hold a variety of austerity. During that time the hotel charged only F.5.- including free drinks.

How luxurious the hotel dishes we can read from the report of M. Buys:

"In the afternoon at half past twelve or one o'clock the hotel served rijstafel, with main dishes of rice with various side dishes, such as chicken cooked in various ways, curry sauce, meat, vegetables, broth, various types of sauce, makasar red fish, chutney and so on. After that they served European foods such as vegetables, meat and lettuce. The lunch was topped off with dessert. ".

After economizing, the morning food menu was just 2 eggs for each guest, cheese, cold meats and canned meat, peanut butter and so on. Dinner consisted of soup, croquettes, three types of dishes and dessert. At lunch there was no economizing because they worried the guests would feel aggrieved.

Jacob Lugt
Jacob Lugt