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4. The Traffic

Traffic in Batavia was canels that played a major role as a transportation infrastructure. Residents of Tiger canal mostly have their own boats moored outside his home. Like Venetian gondolas which was at anchor off the Grand Canal to the palace of the nobility; In Batavia there were also boats rowed by Chinese boatman. With a fee of two cents the boat would had taken passengers anywhere.

Tiger canal was a place where the townsfolk relax until late in the evening. They sat on the edge of the canal while smoking a pipe and drinking a glass of wine. Especially young people love to play on the boat, rowed  by slaves, the game was called "orembaaien”. it meant playing a boat in the moonlight. While the children played musical instruments. Hence among  the canals in Batavia tiger canal was the most crowded one.

Valentijne, with a distinctive writing style, wrote about this excitement:

"People here enjoy an outstanding evening of fun. There are people sitting or walking under the bright moon. It was the biggest entertainment in the city of Batavia. On the boat at 9 or 10 pm, when the tide came, people were delighted with all types of games. Especially the musicians, who brought pleasure, and gave a wonderful echo from house to house, I was very amused to listen. The musicians made the audience stunned with a concert that is so perfect, with some slaves on the side of their violins, harp, zither, guitar or other musical instrument. All was no less beautiful with a concert in the Father Land ".

There was also antusiastic and poetic writing where about the author sings of happiness in Batavia,

Then he saw the wall  where the eyes are,

All with delight swim in all canals,

Residents cheered as the sound of the orgel,

Coupled with the vocal chords: joy in massive strength,

And the splendor of the entire canal in Batavia.

Tiger canal now the north Batavia Station
Tiger Canal Now Jakarta Kota Station