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5. Epilog: The Architecture Negations

Inspired by ideology, architecture no longer answers the real estate marketing but it is a narrative in a book as thick as a murder novel. Its narrative flow was jumping up and down, giving the experience of chaos for the readers and thus confusing. It is not an Agatha Christie novel that builds suspense from one event to the next sequential to the point of climax to uncover the killer. The chaos murder in narrative architecture is not the novel "Murder in Batavia" that built a city life of the forgotten past. Architecture also is not trying to heal the pain of past life that always longed its presence. Architecture is not designing spaces and beautiful buildings because the building is a manifestation of human desire which is soluble in an economic system that increasingly commercial. Architecture is also not building design subject to political power like Nazi or building with Javanese architecture identity in the era of 80’s by the governor of Central Java. Architecture is not a shop house built new from the old shop house that was cut its facade for street widening.

Is it true that theory of Architecture have been killed in Indonesia? As long as we still manage the old town into a lively bustling city center, the architectural theory is still alive and thriving with various ideologies and idealism. Indeed, the Old Town is the future of Jakarta. Old buildings that are preserved is a hotbed of new ideas as an ideology to develop a comfortable city for living. Thus Architectural Theory will find a new breath.


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Glodok and Commertial Tastes
Glodok and Commertial Tastes