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5. First Class Hotel

Expansion efforts by adding new rooms held in 1898. Nine years later coupled with a new pavilion. The large front side, built in 1931, had a spacious lobby. While the original house that appeared to be the main building in the turn of 20th century old photographs, in the 1970’s was still standing in the back, known as the "red house".

From that time until the 1950’s, the Hotel des Indes was a first-class hotel like no other in the prestige and position in Jakarta. After that its positon was declining. Especially when it had to accommodate a group of civil servants who did not get housing in the capital. The slump was more severe after the takeover. The first-class hotel seemed to be a great hostel. With the construction of  Hotel Indonesia in 1960’s, his name was hardly ever mentioned again.

In 1971 the building of Hotel des Indes,  a history of over 115 years, was leveled to the earth. At the same time we lost a history of the city.

Receptionist of Hotel Des Indes
Receptionist of Hotel Des Indes