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8. Wedding and Funeral

Sometimes in Tiger Canal lasted official event of joy, and also mourning. When the wedding was held in a big house with a huge party, there was a grieving house where the hearse was in front of the door. “The dead man and the groom must both be out of the house" So the funeral of a man or a woman took a public place together. The dead were not to be buried in the house, it had applied throughout Batavia. When the Governor General Carel Reyniersz funeral, a procession walked from the castle through Princestraat, across the field before Tiger canal, past nieuwpoort street to church. When the coffins placed on the ground, five soldiers fired their guns, and a number of shots were fired from the fort around the city, the castle and the ships at the dock.

Long procession then continued; on top of the coffin was placed gloves, helmets, swords, armor and emblem of the family; all the attributes of greatness. Furthermore, the procession drove the bodies to rest in peace. In the procession there were members of the family, the new governor-general Joan Maatsuyker, envoy of Mataram kingdom, all government employees, along with Pastor preacher, important and rich people either the European or Chinese, the sailors and ship's officer and so on. After the funeral was over, in the same order, but without the corpse they returned to the Tiger Cannal back to the castle, the end of the procession, the journey of life had passed, in places which were so valuable.

Still in the same year the widow of Reyniersz, Francoise de Wit, married again to the highest government secretary Adriaen Willeborts. The wedding party was held at the bride's house, the end of the west side of the Tiger Canal, attended by the Governor General Joan Maatsuycker, council members India and other important people, along with the wives respectively, to congratulate.

Also Susanna Agnieta of Outhoorn and Johanna Maria van Riebeek, the second wife of the governor of Joan van Hoorn, lived at Tiger Canal. On her wedding carriage lined along the right side to the Church in the Castle. Matrimony by the pastor Ds. Godfridus van Houten and the pulpit accept donations of thousands of Dutch Rijksdaalder money.

Inside The Castle
Inside The Castle