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9. Riot

There was also a different atmosphere in the Tiger canal namely a murder that caused panic to everyone. The incident occurred when the slaves of a rich man suddenly run amok. Jealousy arose between the slave that became a bitter feud between individuals. A slave thrust a keris (Javanese Sword)  into the body of the other slaves and then, in the bustle of this bloody, the slave had run along the road like a bull, thrashed anyone he met.

The diary of Batavia castle contained some notes about the bloody events. For example, on July 31, 1659 contained the following events below:

,,One evening a Malay servant amok, he robbed the home of Mr. Veerbeeck. Municipal guards immediately sounds an alarm and confront the robbers, who unfortunately could escaped; the robber ran and met boatswain Jongh, who then shot him to death. "

Slave Auction in Batavia
Slave Auction in Batavia