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Series EN 006

on Wed, 12/24/2014 - 14:50
Another View of Dragon River

Fuqing was a city full of corrupt mandarins. They were public servants whose dirty hands with money obtained under the table. In the bad year, Dragon River was revealing his gloom. The wrath of the mandarin was because of endless turbulent uprising. Actually, the era of Emperor Yong zheng in the mid of the Qing Dynasty was tinged with a lot of progress. Unfortunately, progress and prosperity were not able to reach all people, especially in southern China were still a lot of poverty. The achieved prosperity was not accompanied by a clean and honest life. With the corruption of state officials have made people frustrated. The states of pinning people, especially farmers, had been encouraging people of Fuqing to wander out of the territory.

The dark city with poverty was increasingly bleak with Manchu soldiers who combed every house to look for the rebels. Unlike the Ming dynasty who loved Fuqing people, the Qing Dynasty was a cruel oppressor. They did not hesitate to torture anyone who hided rebels or his house became rebel hideout.

* * *

Flowing quietly Dragon River had been busy since morning. The river that never dried as the water of life was the transportation path to the southern area, especially the archipelago. Since centuries nexus with the islands in the south was running smoothly. Just in recent years the nexus had become dim because those who went out of China were considered treason against the country. Narrow streets filled with building looked bleak. Although filled with oppression and suspicion of government to the people, the market in the city center was still bustling with traders shouting to offer their merchandise. The main streets around the market were full of shops selling household purposes. Near the center of the city was a large garden where townspeople sat and relaxed enjoying the afternoon. But since a few years people were hesitate to sit out in the garden, this because it would be easily captured by soldiers and accused of collecting people to rebel against the Manchu. Especially after the burned Shaolin Monastery, the city park became deserted.

On the banks of Dragon River as the arteries of life, several ships anchored unload spices and sugar from the archipelago. Spices currently were difficult to find because in the archipelago especially Batavia as its center, the government also was volatile and suspicious of the Chinese. They suspected Chinese ships that landed in Batavia. The porters unloaded through a small board and carried it on his back one by one. Fuqing was a port that was only able to call on a small boat. Luggage was transferred from large ships anchored at sea off. Near the docks, warehouses lined storing goods unloaded from the vessel.