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Series EN 007

on Sat, 12/27/2014 - 06:19
Setlement in Dense Fuqing

While the people passing under the Pailou – the city Gate - that stood since a few hundred years ago. They were usually farmers who bring vegetables to the city. Indeed, outside the area of Fuqing city had a prosperous land, with rice fields extended fulfilling people’s daily live. But the government seemed to ignore this prosperity.

Fuqing was a crowded city, crowded with merchants and mingled with beggars, never quiet and always alive. The building where traders sold filled with merchandise, looked dirty and dusty. Stalls opened from early morning were the only alternative for the residents of the city to assemble since the city park became deserted. In the narrow stalls circulated gossip and movements against the government evolved into the Triad. More over after the Shaolin temple was burned, many hweshio monks let his hair grow, ponytail and mix with ordinary people. Fuqing Shaolin Temple was the third shaolin temple, established at the time of the Song Dynasty (960-1279). For people in southern China was not easy to accept this Manchu occupation. Their hair should be ponytailed and the front of the head should be shaved. That Manchu hairstyle must be followed to some offspring so that they forgot their old customs the Bun hair.

Manchu oppression had prompted a group of people to fight against the Manchu government, one of the groups led by Khe Pan Jang, a former monk who became commoners in order to avoid the pursuit of the Manchu troops. That time Khe Pan Jang was already thirty years old. However, his little hair was already turn to gray, his strong hands and legs were strong to jump as far as ten meters and somersault in the air three rounds. His heart was full of revenge against the oppressor, especially after the Shaolin temple was burned to the ground.

Actually Khe Pan Jang’s father was not natives of Fuqing, but his mother surnamed Tan of Fuqing. At that time Pan Jang’s father stayed at her mother's house because he had no relatives in Fuqing. When Khe Pan Jang was ten years old, his mother sent him to Shaolin temple to become a monk. Therefore Khe Pan Jang lived long in Fuqing Shaolin monastery. He was a shaolin monk who had a high kungfu skill, good control of the fight with bare hands or with the sword. Since Shaolin Temple was burned he escaped from the life of a monk became a warrior. He let his hair grow on her head and he lived free. His life goal is only one now: against the Manchu and injustice. Since he was in the monastery he often visited his cousins and having good communication with people Fuqing. Khe Pan Jang felt part of the Tan family and had the same ideals to chase away the Manchus from China.