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Series EN 008

on Sun, 12/28/2014 - 15:18
The alley in front of the Tan clan house

The Tan clan itself consisted of many families were considered as the founder of the Fuqing city. Since the Ming Dynasty the Tan family had been very authoritative and respected by the other clans. They had been hereditary and spread in Fujian province and even to the archipelago. In Fuqing they lived the city center, controlled trade and medical treatment.

* * *

In the narrow streets, in dense neighborhoods in the Fuqing city center, having many curves and composed of rock, poor people clustered waste time chatting. This alley intersection was comfortable for chatting. Besides it was shaded also far away from the hustle of the city. In front of them was a big house where medical treatment was provided free of charge. The house was located in a narrow alley, completely hidden from Manchu soldiers’ observation. The front was just a small door as a gate made of solid wood. Above the gate was the roof decorated with carvings of swallow tail as a symbol of prosperity. Behind the open gate was the yard where a few people waiting for treatment.

On the front of the mansion was a clean and neat clinic. Similar to the gate, at the end of the front ridge was also formed a swallow tail ornament. From the front side, the roof composition looked of rising towards the rear. This large house filled with carvings was looked like a set of dignitaries’ buildings but closed. The color of this old house was still good, brown doors, pillars and interior walls in wooden. Meanwhile the outer wall was made of white painted walls. At the end of the porch there was a painting of everyday life with a variety of colors.

The Sinshe in charge was the young Tan Jing Bing, twenty-seven years old and still single. He was not a fighter, but a sinshe which were becoming helper for wounded warriors. His clothes were baggy look fast sway in rhythm with alacrity attitude towards the patients. His face was handsome authoritative, sharp eyes like an eagle fly hunted for prey on land, the eyes of a sinshe who studied the faces, the patient's body and then stabbed with a needle right on Chi - the breath of life - that was sought to be cured. Her hair was pigtailed neatly swung backward, shaking every time he moved examining a patient.

Tan Jing Bing's father was a famous sinshe in Fujian. His wife of Ong clan was descendants of letters. Tan Jing Bing was the youngest child and the only son who carried on the family name. He had two sisters. The oldest sister was married to a Cantonese and lived in there. The second sister was married to a Fuchou and settled there. In Fuqing Tan Jing Bing lived with his relatives in a big house of Tan clan. His mother had died two years ago and his father died a year ago. Her mother died of a sudden illness, pale body and limp. His father, who worked as sinshes felt guilty because he could not cure her. In his regret he followed his wife. At the time when both were still alive, his father and his mother urged Jing Bing to get married, but he still wanted to be single, to enjoy freedom.