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Series EN 009

on Mon, 01/05/2015 - 10:23
The Central Courtyard

Like his father Sinshe Tan was a sinshe who gave his attention to the poor. Besides he learned to be a sinshe from his father, he also learned from the books of the treatment of kings. Not only acupuncture he also learned drug ingredients from plants and preserved animals. Deftly he examined the patient, studied the anatomy and then treated with needles inserted in the sick parts of the body to get Chi or the breath of life. In traditional Chinese medicine, the principle of healing with acupuncture was needling at Chi points spread throughout the body. There were also patients who were examined and then given the drug. Aroma of drug enveloped the room where patients were lining up for the chance to be examined. His assistant was busy preparing potions to be drunk. Every day patients, who only pay voluntarily, abundant to be cured. Sinshe Tan used the money to buy drugs and provide his assistants.

Behind the front of this house there was a door that was always closed. The middle was a large courtyard that was used as a place for Kung Fu training. The arrangement of the building as a whole showed Siheyuan or four parts of the building, front, left and right side, back, and at the center was the central courtyard. The left and the right parts were one-story buildings with a low roof. Meanwhile the rear part was two-story high. In the back there was the goddess Kwan Im altar where the worship took place. The statue of the great Kwan Im was brought from Shaolin Temple after it was burned by the Manchus. The statue was saved and worshiped at Tan's family house.

This house, used communally, was a heritage of the prominent Tan family. Their ancestors were known as wealthy merchants who had the attention to the poor people and their nation that was colonized by the Manchus. Tan Jing Bing was part of the Tan family who had a heritage of this house.

In the central courtyard, Khe Pan Jang stood tall watched his followers practicing Kung Fu incessantly. Frequently he shouted as he gave instructions. His sharp eyes followed their movements. He immediately knew if there was a weakness in arm or leg movements, albeit slightly. He was a perfectionist who believed slightest weakness could make anyone defeated.

"Wuk... Wuk ..." the swords were swung.

"Quicker .... quicker. One right mind when you swing a sword" Khe warrior said. Then he gave an example.

"Wuk..wuk ...". Imitating his men. Their sweat flowing, the steps they learned this time were very difficult and required tremendous concentration.

"Do not ... do not be so, right leg raised slightly so that light swing."

"Wuk… Wuk …” The instruction was fulfilled.

"Yes, it is so." Said the warrior Khe satisfied to see the movement of his men.

The swordsman Khe was a skillful swordsman in using almost all weapons. His movement was extremely deadly. In Shao Lin he was the only student who could continue the skill of his Kung Fu master, so his master loved him so much.