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Series EN 010

on Sat, 01/10/2015 - 09:41
Kwan Im Altar

In addition to the entire weapon, there was a weapon which he mastered very well, it was the secret weapon - piauw. This weapon was very rarely used because only when he was trapped, he might throw it to kill the enemy. He also taught this Piauw to his men to defend themselves if there was no other way. Besides piauw, he also taught a small bomb. This bomb was very important to be thrown to the enemy before disappeared without a trace. Similar to the piauw, this small bomb was also rarely used. However, his men learned it carefully.

This large house was a hiding place of Khe Pan Jang and his followers from Manchu soldier observations. Manchu Government, Qing dynasty, in the height of their power conquered the South China by force to crush the rebels. The followers of Khe warrior was formerly monks who had left the Shaolin monastery after it was burned. This uprising network was very wide in southern China. No one would think that this house was the headquarters of the rebels. They came from different clans, but had blood sworn into one unified association to be faithful towards a single goal: oust the Manchu of China. Blood oath was done in front of Kwan Im’s altar by slaughtered the cock whose blood was accommodated in the bowl. Then the sworn members injured his fingertips and the blood was poured into the bowl. Finally, each member drank the blood in turn. They named this association fumuhui, which meant gathering to honor the ancestors. But in practice it was an association for the fight against Manchus who impersonate workers association for community health.

This secret society made Fuqing, the city where they were located, a city of warriors, who rebelled against the Manchu. The city was far from Beijing where the Manchu emperor that gripped China with traditions that were inconsistent with the tradition of the Han who were mostly Chinese nation.

Finished practicing Khe Pan Jang stroked the shiny sword, saying "This battle we must win against the Manchus who invaded this country". His forehead wrinkle, his voice was low. His shiny sword filled with grudges against the Manchus. In a building filled with brown color, the warriors were preparing for battle against the royal soldiers who have occupied the city.

"Tonight General Shu who burned the Shaolin Temple would stay in Fuqing Yamen. We should be able to kill him so that the souls of Lao Shi - teacher - Mo, our teacher, rest peacefully in Nirvana.“ Said Khe Pan Jang. Lao Shi Mo was the leader of the Shaolin Temple who was killed while defending the Temple. By that time the monastery was attacked by a large number of Manchu soldiers, so that a lot of monks were died.

"The numbers of Manchu soldiers in Fuqing Yamen were less than by the time they attacked our Shaolin temple so I'm sure we could kill General Shu." Said Khe Pan Jang while continuously stroking his sword. "Perhaps this was the final battle. Better dead than being chased by the Manchu." He said. "We should be able to kill General Shu and destroy Manchu soldiers."