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Series EN 011

on Mon, 01/19/2015 - 04:31
Sinshe Tan emeged from this door

The atmosphere became silent. The warriors who practiced Kung Fu were standing in neat rows facing Khe Pan Jang. Their bodies sweaty, bare chest so that their muscles visible. Their muscular hands are holding the swords. Today they were practicing well with bare hands or with a sword and staff.

"Only half of our man who still live, so it is useless to us fighting against them" Long Ma said, he gave his consideration. Long Ma is a strong man; it was reflected in the face of rigid and never smiled. His face was square, prominent cheekbones, and a muscular body.

"Our man is already a half left, but our Kung Fu is better than their skill so do not retreat and be afraid. This time their soldiers are not as many as when they attacked our temple. I'm sure we can kill General Shu. Life must be paid with their lives." Khe warrior said, his cool voice was a sign that he was ready. For Khe Pan Jang the boundary between life and death was very thin because everyone would die. But death would turn to be a noble if they could end the arbitrariness of the Manchu soldiers.

The room was silent apparently all realize that not fighting against the Manchu mean death because their names have been in the list of the Manchu soldier to be killed. As warriors from the Fuqing Shaolin temple he was fully responsible for his men, no one would be killed by the Manchu. After the Shaolin temple was burned by the Manchus, Khe Pan Jang and his followers to flee into the middle of the Poor, to avoid arrest.

"The Manchu have been robbed of our wealth, Han people; nothing can prevent us to stop this robbery." From the side door that bordered the central courtyard to the front of this house appeared sinshe Tan. All eyes turned to him. Sinshe Tan never played a sword, but the words from his mouth made the warriors realized that they were able to defeat General Shu. "I will follow Khe warrior go against the Manchu, because I'm not willing to be colonized by other nations." Said Cheng Kai with a serious face without smile. He was the person who managed their association finances.

"Sinshe Tan, are our drugs enough for those who hurt?" Asked Khe Pan Jang to Tan Jing Bing.

"The drugs are not enough warrior Khe, we need more bleeding drugs Yunnan Baiyao and Pien Tze Huang for the wounded" replied Tan Jing Bing. "But it is not an obstacle for us to fight against the Manchus."

Hearing the answer was warrior Khe looked pensive for a moment. Without enough drugs meant they would die. Yunnan Baiyao and Pien Tze Huang was a drug that should always be available amid bloodshed. But Khe Pan Jang and his men were ready to die, it was better to die than sick and injured. The followers of warrior Khe Pan Jang understood. They were willing to die for the freedom of Fuqing

* * *