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Series EN 012

on Fri, 02/06/2015 - 04:47
Fuqing Yamen

The spirit of endless struggle raged in Khe Pan Jang’s heart. That night the fighter stepped out one by one of the large Tan family’s house, crept into Fuqing city streets slowly. They did not feel the chill of the night air as in their mind was only one, attack! The darkness of the night helped Khe warrior’s men heading to the target that is Fuqing Yamen, rulers headquartered. Torch which illuminates the roadside gave shadows flashed quickly. The sound of night watchman and bamboo drums that reverberated accompany the night, passed by the shadow of Khe Pan Jang’s men.

Khe Pan Jang was in front to lead his men. They jump out of the street to the house roof like a squirrel to avoid the night watchman. Their faces were covered with black cloth so that their identity was not caught. At each bend of the street he stopped to wait for the guard to pass. His movement that precipitated, jumping with no sound was able to fool the guards. Cheng Kai led the troops in the middle, as he gestured to his friends who were behind. He was a man who knew in the financial organization. Long Ma was at the back watching the enemy from the back side. Tan Jing Bing, as a Sinshe was waiting in the large house to get ready to treat the wound. He realized that this daring assault would endanger the Tan family’s house treament.

That night they stormed Fuqing Yamen, a place where the mandarins ruthlessly ruled the city. Fuqing Yamen which had a large gate, spacious yard was also the headquarters of the government troops in the town center. From the central yard clearly visible several large tables and chairs, and the seating of viceroy. The place was also the court for the people who rebelled. The building was located across from the park, open sight so the guard could saw who approached them. This government building was guard very tightly in layers. On the front was a row of guards who stood alert if any attacker. Checkpoints on each side were so high that from this post the circumstances surrounding the Yamen can be seen.

In the Yamen the mandarins were divided into two groups. The first group was the mandarin who took care of day-to-day city government; the second is the officer in charge of the military, consisting of high officials who learned martial arts to maintain the robustness of the Manchu government. The division of tasks was a system of government in place since the Ming Dynasty, Qing dynasty just forwarded it.

Long sword, trident, and other weapons flashed in rhythm with agile fighter who climbed the walls and roof. Khe Pan Jang who thought that he would die in this battle, was leading to penetrate the layers of guards easily. He quickly broke the neck in silence of soldiers who stood guard while sleepy.

"Tssst ..." whispered Swordsman Khe signaled his men waited outside the Yamen. He himself kept jumping on the roof, like a cat, soundless when his shoes touched the roof tile. Then he headed for the middle building that was bright. That night Fuqing Yamen was very quiet even there was no sound of crickets. From the edge of the roof he saw sleepy guards, both standing in front of a large door, that's the room of general Shu.