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Series EN 013

on Wed, 03/11/2015 - 06:16
The Bed Room Where General Shu Was Having Fun

"Ha..ha..ha!" From inside there was a sound of laughing men, followed by the sound of some flirtatious women. Apparently General Shu was having fun with the women who would bring momentary pleasure. There was sound of drinks poured into glasses because they were heavily. "Siiing" the sound of the knife flying to the two guards who were dozing.

Both fell forward "gedebuk". But General Shu and his ladies did not hear the sound of the fall body. They continued to get drunk and had fun.

Swordsman Khe still stood at precarious looking around the building in case there were other guards heard the fall body. After feeling secure he jumped down and immediately broke down the door that was locked from inside. There appeared the General and three women, naked like babies who would be bathed by their mother. Without wasting time Khe warrior cut through General Shu’s neck to drop out. The drunken general was killed.

"Aaaa, help." Realizing General Shu fell on the bed, the three women screaming and ran out of the room, naked body.

Swordsman Khe quickly grabbed the lights in the room and dropped it on the bed where General Shu’s body was lying with his broken head. In a flash fire came blazing around the room.

"Fire ... Fire!" The guard on the left of General Shu’s room was frantically looking for a bucket to put out the fire. When they were running for a bucket, Khe warriors rush into the left room and grab the lights on top of the room, so it fell and the fire burned throughout the building.

The soldiers ran into the room to extinguish the fire.

"Quick get water ..." the commander shouted. At the same time Khe Pan Jang’s sword grabbed them to kill. The fire quickly engulfed the entire building without mercy.

Seeing the fire raged, Cheng Kai gave the command to his friends.

"Attack ..." Khe Pan Jang’s forces attacking from outside the Fuqing Yamen building to kill the Manchu soldiers. They swung the sword, gashed the body and head of the Manchu soldiers mercilessly. They killed indiscriminately, satisfying his revenge. In his mind just wanted to kill and kill as much. The Manchu troops were in disarray and blood spurting everywhere. That night really belonged to warrior Khe and his troops who like a raging bull loose from its cage. They had been possessed by a demon to kill another human being mercilessly.