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Series EN 014

on Mon, 04/13/2015 - 09:26
The City Of Quanzhou during Qing Dynasty

"Run ...." shouted the commander of the Manchu soldiers. But late they still killed. The bodies were lying amid the fire that burned the entire building. The entire city of Fuqing was uproar because of this attack. Manchu soldiers who stood outside the building, saw the blazing fire, they jumped on a horse asking for help to Fuzhou. But Fuzhou, located in the north Fuqing must be taken several hours with horses. Because the distance between the two cities was not close, giving the opportunity for Khe swordsman to escape.

"That hurt, how many people?" Asked the warrior Khe to Long Ma, they hide near the market.

"There are two warriors Khe, but still able to walk."

"The injured returned to the large house, the others come with me."

"To where Khe swordsman?" Asked Long Ma.

"We have to go to Quanzhou in the south"

They fled to Quanzhou the major port of Fujian. Two people who were injured went back to the Tan family house to get treatment. Luckily no one died, and all could save themselves so that the Manchu got difficulty to find the identity of the attacker.

The Manchu troops from its base in Fuzhou was pouring into Fuqing Yamen that burned down and the fire was not quenched.

The roar of the Manchu army cavalry thrilling Fuqing residents who were hiding in the house. The Market that was usually already busy in the morning blind, was very quiet that day. The city had become a ghost town.

Swordsman Khe and his men had fled to the south. They realized that the Manchu had a very large number of soldiers. So that they were satisfied with killing General shu.

A few weeks after the attack, Fuqing city was guard tightly. Manchu government sought to uncover the horde that had invaded the Yamen, burning, and killing dozens of soldiers. Almost every house was searched and the occupants were interrogated.

Suspected people were immediately arrested. The state of the city was very tense, especially at night when people were not allowed to go out. Densely populated settlement was deserted when the sun sets. Although the market and its surround was still crowded but traders still very anxious there was a fighting again.

Luckily, Tan Jing Bing eyes off of Manchu. Although the attack that night gave guard tightening impact on the search from house to house, he survived. Tan family house that was closed and located in a narrow alley was spared from Manchu target. The treatment house that was used to gather the warriors had to disband. Tan Jing Bing took the decision to go to Xiamen that was quieter.

                                                                        * * *