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on Sat, 08/29/2015 - 04:11
A Chinese Kelontong Trader
A Chinese Kelontong Trader

"Young man, from where did you sail? Canton? "Asked the cuncu in Hokkienese.

"No, I was sailing from Xiamen."

"Well ... I think the junk was from Canton ...." The cuncu continued "Is this the first visit to Ye Cheng?"

"Yes sir, are there many Chinese live in Ye Cheng?"

"Many, but more of them live outside the city ... .Only the rich Chinese and have a position in the Kumpeni government live in the City" said the captain. Kumpeni was the Dutch VOC.

"How long have you lived in Ye Cheng?" Asked the young man.

"I was born here, my father came from Fujian."

"Ye Cheng people mostly speak what?"

"Here, everyday language between different peoples is the Malay and the Portuguese, but each nation has its own language. The Chinese speak Hokkienese and small numbers speak Hokjian. I Speak Hokkienese at home. But I am not able to write Han Yu ... ha..ha ... ha ". he said with hearty laugh, Han Yu is Chinese writing. Then he continued, "Many Chinese are already several descendants living here and they could not speak Hokkienese, they speak Malay." Hokkienese is the largest language spoken in the province of Fujian and Hokjian is one of the dialect in Fuqing. The young man was stunned to hear the story of the cuncu ... either Malay or Portuguese languages are equally alien to him.

"Do you know when you landed you will encounter many problems?" asked the cuncu suddenly.

"No sir, what is it?" asked the young man.

"The newcomer of China must have a permit, without permission they should not be off the junk" answer the cuncu. The young man again just stunned.

"In the junk was how many passengers?"

"Only me who get off in Batavia, the other get off in Banten ... so what, sir?"

"If there are other passengers, they have to bribe the harbormaster to not count the number of Chinese people who landed in Batavia"

"Oh ... so, I am a Shinshe, invited by captain Nie Hoe Kong to work at the hospital." he continued as he surprised because he had never imagined that Batavia as the trade center in Nanyang do not differ much from the South China under Manchu hands. In his heart he asked where the freedom is in fact.

"Educated People and a sinshe like you certainly will not have the problem, but I do not know what happen in the future. For now the Chinese who have no residence permit will be arrested and fined or go to jail, people who entered the city of Batavia in secret or hidden, if caught he would be in jail and chained“ he said as he stroked his thin beard. "Even the junk’s crew is prohibited to get off; just the Cuncu of the large junk may get off the junk. The cuncu usually involved in trade with merchants so that he could ashore. He also allowed to sleep at the inn with the permission of the Chinese Captain ".