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Series EN 021

on Sat, 11/14/2015 - 10:01
A Rice Store in Batavia
A Rice Store in Batavia

Although staying at Tan Tion Qua’s house, Poh An worked for Kapitan Nie Hoe Kong and assigned in a sugar factory in Ommelanden Batavia. Poh An was whom Nie Hoe Kong could rely on managing his sugar factories. His daily work was to control the factory and distributed daily wages to the workers. One part of sugar and rice wine produced were sold in Batavia and another part were sent to the port to be sold out of the city. His work led him acquainted with the workers and slaves from Bali.

Tan Poh An was Tan Jing Bing’s best friend since childhood and they loved to play in the river. Both were brothers as their father were first cousin. Incidentally they were of the same age, so both were familiar since early years. Different to Jing Bing’s family who works as a physician, Poh An’s family was a fisherman. As a fisherman, Poh An’s family life was very heavy and poor. The circumstances that prompted Poh An’s father sailed to Batavia sought new livelihoods by leaving his wife in Fuqing.

"How are you? For how long we had not met? "Asked Jing Bing in Hokjian, holding Poh An’s shoulder, he still laughing with delight.

"I'm fine, we have not met sixteen years, fortunately I still remember, you look different now." He answered vigorously and he continued "You have long been awaited by kapitan Nie Hoe Kong, we urgently need a sinshe because the previous sinshe passed away, he was old, while the number of doctors is very limited and the number of sick people grew since the governor general Diederik Durven built Mookervaart Canal, because the canal water does not flow and cause disease. The city's canals is shallow full of mud. In the 1732 Governor General Diederik Durven ordered digging Mookervart Canal to solve health problems in Batavia. This project failed and instead become mosquito breeding because the canal water is stagnant. "

"I see the canal water is dirty and smelled bad, a sign of an unhealthy city." Said Tan Jing Bing.

"Yes ... in addition there is too many mosquitoes attacking humans at night." Said Poh An. "In Batavia there is no sinshes, so people choose to open a ciamsi at the temple to get the answer for what is the appropriate prescription for the disease. However for acupuncture therapy must be done by a sinshes."

"Is there any drug store?"

"Yes there is .... but because there is no sinshes, the drugs given is without basis."

"Oh ... so." Sinshe Tan gawked hearing the answer. "Then where we go now?"

"Directly to the Chinese hospital, Doctor Jan de Put, head of the hospital has been waiting for you"