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on Tue, 12/22/2015 - 08:46
Chinese Hospital in Batavia
Chinese Hospital in Batavia

Both men walked toward a small boat parked by the canal.

"What about my relatives in Fuqing?" Asked Poh An with longing.

"They're still able to go to sea, but the situation in Fuqing increasingly oppressed by Manchu and their minions". Jing Bing replied.

"In the case of the Chinese in Batavia, they were oppressed by the Dutch authorities. Here since March 6, 1730 the Chinese are not allowed to open inns, home stay, home of opium and new store. It has long been various regulations issued to discredit the Chinese, strangely they still able to live and to deal with all the difficulties". Said Poh An

"Most people of Fuqing in Batavia opened cloth stores and some grocery." Continue Poh An unasked.

Until near the boat a boatman asked in Betawi dialect, Betawi was Malay language spoken in Batavian accent.

"Where are you going sir?"

"To the Chinese hospital" said Poh An in Malay.

After the bargain the fare, the two men climbed into the boat, the boatman untied the mooring and rowing slowly. The water canal rippling when the oar touched it. Some seagull that had landed on the tip of a boat fly every which way squeaking.

They rode the boat to the Chinese Hospital. The road on both sides of the canal they passed by were dusty, especially in the heat of the sun. Batavia was so arid city. Dense population and housing, like major cities such as Canton and Xiamen.

A city was not built from wood and stone that physically gives its manifestation.  Nevertheless a city was established from the relationship between humans intertwined into one. A city awoke from a relationship between local municipal and his slave. That was why Jan Pieter Zon Coen required the Chinese to build Batavia so that social interaction occurred, there was a mechanism of life interwoven one to another. Not the beauty of the design of Batavia city were emphasized but how to fill the space of the city with social interaction.