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on Sat, 01/30/2016 - 03:26
Chinese Hospital in Batavia
Chinese Hospital in Batavia

The city was life between a patient and a Sinshe at the hospital. That is why the hospital was the center of life rather than the town hall which was filled by prisons and atrocities against the inmate. The hospital was the outpouring of affection from workers on patients who were dying. At the hospital was all the problems, successes and political impact of the city emptied. Residents of a city was not necessarily visited the town hall where the city politicians were located, many of those never visited the courthouse or jail. But they visited the hospital, although not sick, to visit family or friends was a habit that could not be separated from life. For that the role of  hospital was very important in city life.

One of the most important components of the city of Batavia was the Chinese hospital. The building was simple, but very complex functions. Founded by Captain Phoa Beng Goan to treat people with physical and mental illness. Apart from being a place to care for the sick as well as care homes and orphanages.

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