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Series EN 025

on Sun, 04/17/2016 - 04:30
Batavia Wall
Batavia Wall

Poh An brought Jing Bing to the head of the Chinese Hospital Jan de Put who was easy to talk with. Jan de Put’s room was at the left of the front side. From the gate to his room was connected with an open veranda.

"Good afternoon doctor, this is Sinshe Tan Jing Bing whom we are waiting for." Said Poh An right after entering the room.

"Ah welcome sinshe Tan," he said in Malay "Ni Hao Ma?" He said again in the language of Han Yu. His face beamed welcoming Jing Bing. His cheeks were red because happy, his thin front hair often went down and should be fixed. He was only 30 years old, but already quite experienced in managing the hospital. Although still young his career has developed. Doctor Jan de Put’s room was clean and lots of books lined up neatly in the cupboard. In the room there was only one big table piled with papers, his chair seat and another seat for guests, this means this doctors did not like talking but work and work. Doctor Jan was graduated from Leiden University that was famous for its medical faculty. At the time he was a student, doctor Jan was known as a diligent student. He lived in an apartment at Rapenburg close to the Academie gebouw so as not to be late coming to class. He was also born and raised in this city. His parents was a diligent city employee.

"Ni Hao," said Jing Bing. Apparently doctor Jan de Put could speak Han Yu a little. He was a friendly person, polite, respect to others even though not Europen. This hospitality reflected the high culture of his hometown.

Indeed both were difficult to communicate, but the hospitality interrupting stiffness between them. Jan de Put was a Dutchman who served in the Chinese hospital. At that time the Company government entrusted a Dutch doctor to become the head of the hospital. Service priority of the hospital were for the Chinese, but not limited to that, it also served the community at large. Usually poor people always sought treatment at the hospital.

"Are you tired?". He asked, then paused "What time did you arrive?" Asked doctor Jan de Put in Han Yu haltingly, not smooth. Jing Bing understand and answer him.

"I arrived at the harbor at noon and came straight here."

"Do you like to drink beer sinshe?" Asked the doctor Jan de Put, taking three bottles of beer for the three of them. Good impression of someone always opened with a nice welcome and sincere.

"Okay I would taste Batavian Beer." Jin Bing replied with a laugh. Batavia was famous with beer that tasted special. These beer was produced in Omelanden.