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Series EN 026

on Sat, 07/23/2016 - 04:27
Chinese Hospital in Batavia
Chinese Hospital in Batavia

In such a dog day afternoon would surely be fresh with beer. The three talked and had three bottles of beer. Finally Poh An and Jing Bing said good bye. Doctor Jan de Put let sinshe Tan to rest for he just had a long journey. Poh An accompanied Jing Bing went to his room which was located behind the hospital between the walls of the building.

"Are you going to rest?" Asked Poh An while putting Jing Bing’s bundle. "Tonight there will be Gambang Kromong at captain Nie Hoe Kong’s home as a welcoming reception for the Junk coming from Fujian you rode. Before, the Chinese people usually always held a puppet show Potehi if there was a junk coming to Batavia, but since Nie Hoe Kong became a captain he replaced it by Gambang Kromong." Poh An said while sitting on a bench. Therein the opportunity to get acquainted with rich Chinese officials in this city.

“What is Gambang Kromong?” ask Jing Bing.

"It's a new orchestra mix of traditional Chinese and the archipelago music, it is often introduced by captain Nie Hoe Kong. It is fun you'd be happy." Answer Poh An.

"Do not be surprised if you find many Chinese do not speak Hokien or Han Yu properly, let alone speak Hockcia, because those who were born in Batavia had not used our language. You have to learn Malay language here in order to be able to talk to them" said Poh An explaining the circumstances in Batavia.

"Yes, I heard from Cuncu – the boatman – it is so." in his heart Jing Bing thought "Here is a new land to me ... I do not want to return to Fujian that is already become Manchu Colonies and no freedom anymore".

"Well I'm going to rest for the show tonight because I was so tired after a journey with junk. Tonight pick me up ... .. I want to see the captain and talk about health issues in the city". Poh An said good bye and leave Jing Bing alone.

Jing Bing’s room was so clean. And he rested on the divan covered with mosquito nets to ward off mosquitoes. The city that was loaded with hygiene problems must have had a severe problem with mosquitoes. He want to know all from those who have long lived in this city. Jing Bing rested.