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Series EN 028

on Thu, 09/15/2016 - 08:26
The View from Kali Besar to Utrecht Street
The View from Kali Besar to Utrecht Street

"Welcome Sinshe Tan." Nie Hoe Kong welcomed  Jing Bing politely in Hokienese. He invited the Sinshe to sit beside him. At the vast terrace there were a few seats for distinguished guests surounded a large and round table.

"I hope Sinshe will be at home in Batavia." He continued, his face was shinning happily.

"In this city there were a lot of crime and health problems." Interfered lieutenant Nio Kanko.

"Many people get a mysterious illness." Nie Hoe Kong added.

"Could you explained what illness lieutenant?" Jing Bing interrupted.

"Since more than a year this city was hit by problems of fever which end with death. The Dutch doctors tried to recover it in various ways but no result. We think that drugs and sinshe from China may be able to treat it" Explained Nie Hoe Kong while smoking from his pipe.

"I also believed in Chinese medication." Said Oei Tsomko, "My son used to have severe fever and can only be cured with Chinese medicines" Oei Tsomko said in Betawi, he was born in Batavia and was not able to speak Hokienese, although he could understand it.

"Chinese medicine is the medicine from gods hence it is always efficacious." Said Tan Tion Qua.

"However we can not live without sinshe, I belive the sinshe more than the doctor" said madame Nie Hoe Kong seated near the door while drinking tea. She had been sitting there while listening to her husband and his friends, she burst out, joining the conversation.

But before she finished her saying suddenly emerged from the gates three tall men, the older carrying a stick with steady footsteps followed by two younger men.

"Good evening gentlemen." He said, his shadow was silhouetted by the light of torch.

"Ah doctor Herman van Santen, good evening, let's join us doctor" lieutenant Nio Kanko welcomed him while he stood up and Jing Bing stood up too.