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Series EN 029

on Tue, 09/27/2016 - 06:25
Gambang Kromong
Gambang Kromong

Poh An who sat behind Jing Bing whispered "He is doctor Herman van Santen. who is the head of the city hospital, and head physician at Batavia and the young doctor, Samuel Christiaan Kriel a surgeon or Chirurgijn. The other one is of course doctor Jan de Put whom  you already know this afternoon. It is Doctor van Santen who wanted to call a good Sinshe from Fujian, this open mind doctor was kind to the Chinese. He's been so dizzy with chills disease called malaria that is contagious in Batavia now. As the number of doctors was limited, he decided to call a Sinshe. Although a sinshe is not a doctor, but he is expected to help the treatment for the Chinese". Whispered Poh An.

Doctor Herman van Santen spoke to Captain Nie Hoe Kong and the lieutenants in Malay so that Jing Bing did not understand because he can only speak Hockcia, Hokien and Han Yu. That was why the role of Poh An as a translator was very important for him. Doctor Herman van Santen was a friend of Professor Boerhaave, dean of the faculty of Medicine at the University of Leiden that was so well known.

From Poh An’s translation, Jing Bing learned that many sailors had died from the disease. This was because the area outside the walls, called Ommelanden,  not well ordered and lots of mud that clogged the flow of Batavia water canals. The water of Ciliwung that was already muddy, polluted with the garbage of sugar and wine mills scattered around the city. The environment in Ommelanden has already damaged and affected to the city of Batavia.

Captain Nie Hoe Kong introduced Jing Bing to doctor Herman van Santen. "A sinshe with traditional Chinese medicinal herb is expected to help the Chinese hospital in Batavia for we lacked of  medical staff " Said doctor Van Santen, offering his hand to greet Jing Bing followed by Doctor Jan de Put and doctor Kriel.

"Ik also recently arrived in Batavia sinshe" said doctor Kriel in Dutch. Of course Jing Bing did not understand. However, doctor Jan de Put directly translated in Han Yu. Doctor Kriel was called Samuel by his fellow doctor, he was young but already  expert in Surgery. He was friendly and polite,  his thought was full of idealism to devote himself to his profession. This young doctor was a Chirurgie  graduated from Leiden University, a student of professor Bernhard Siegfried Albinus (1697-1770) who was very famous. At that time Leiden University was the only university that teached surgery as one of the lessons in medical science in Europe.