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Series EN 030

on Thu, 10/20/2016 - 13:43
Captain Nie Hoe Kong's House
Captain Nie Hoe Kong's House

The more late the night, the atmosphere in Captain Nie Hoe Kong’s front yard increasingly festive. Residents who came to see the Gambang Kromong music increase in number. The sound of stringed musical instrument orchestra Tehyuan, kongahyan and sukong, often seen in China, coupled with Gong, drums, flutes, boning, krecek and rebab as traditional music of the archipelago became more serene accompanied the songs that were full of humor. A harmonious ensemble to deliver captivating music. Pretty girls played Tehyuan with a deft hand, her body swung following the rhythm overrode by the song. Intermittently laughter interspersed among them, full of jokes. Some peddlers outside the front yard was busy with the buyers. And the guests were busy to talk one another accompanied by the smell of wine, of which aroma was across the room. Batavia was famous for its wine.

Suddenly out of the open gate appears three tall Dutch men. Everyone gasped and sound of Gambang Kromong stalled. The girl who played the music running scared. All eyes stared toward the gate.

"Meneer Nie Hoe Kong, Chinese Captain, who got off the ship today?" Shouted the uninvited guests from the front yard.

Captain Nie Hoe Kong’s face looked blanch his eyes staring forward.

"Only Sinshe Tan Jin Bing who drop off the Ships in Batavia Meneer baljuw Ferdinand de Roy" said Captain Nie Hoe Kong. Jing Bing was surprised to hear his name was mentioned. Baljuw was the police.

"Tan Jing Bing is the Sinshe who came to Batavia on my recommendation." Said the doctor Herman van Santen.

Ferdinand de Roy the uninvited guest handed a paper to be filled. Captain Nie Hoe Kong quickly grabbed it. Next to him were Cornelis Philips and Hendrik Weimaar who grinned, showed their cruelty