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Series EN 031

on Fri, 11/04/2016 - 05:17
Captain Nie Hoe Kong's House
Captain Nie Hoe Kong's House

"All the passengers of the ship should be recorded for the township, we do not want any more immigrants from China, Batavia is already too full of Chinese people." This person said twirling his mustache. His not well maintained sideburns covered his round face, his eyes bulging to find fault of people and his voice was hoarse.

"Where are the other passengers?" Asked the baljuw earlier.

"There are no more passengers meneer only sinshe Tan Jing Bing." Replied captain Nie Hoe Kong.

"Well I do not believe, do you hide any?" Asked Cornelis Philips prolonged, suspiciously.

"Impossible if only one person who go ashore from such a big ship" Said de Roy suspiciously

"What, before I already reported to Meneer Jubels, impossible if you still question me?" Said Nie Hoe Kong.

“if I found the illegals passengers from the Junk (ship) that landed this afternoon, see what happens,   I will round you up with punishment, remember every passenger from China that comes without permission should be imprisoned until the Junk that took him off again to China." He said

"Fill in the form, those who arrived this morning should report at the City Hall tomorrow" he said.

"Meneer de Roy, as baljuw could you be polite?" Asked doctor Van Santen.

Ferdinand de Roy was stunned by this question. "The cunning Chinese does not need to be  respected" replied he as constantly twisted his mustache.

"As a Dutch you should be polite to the Easterner," said doctor van Santen with Confidence.

Whom he talk to was silence, all were silent, the whole front yard was silent. Then the three baljuws left that place. Ferdinand de Roy and his friends left the house captain Nie Hoe Kong without saying goodbye, they quickly rode their horses. The atmosphere was tense, the sound of their horses deminished. It is very arrogant baljuw and unfriendly. Ferdinand de Roy hated the Chinese people because of the envy of the prosperity of a handful of this pigtail men. Every day they blackmailed and frightened the Chinese. Often they never respected and harassed the women.