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Series EN 032

on Tue, 11/29/2016 - 07:25
A Corner of Utrecht Street
A Corner of Utrecht Street

"Calm down Captain, not all VOC officer are rude. He's a jerk cop who likes to squeeze, pick holes, even reverse the right to guilty. That is the face of the corrupt city police. Mean while the Governor General Patras is in poor health because Batavia unhealthy air, so he never care about the rampant corruption". Said Dr. Herman van Santen entertaining. Indeed, the Governor General Abraham Patras lately always suspicious of landed Jung, in case they bring immigrant from China, he investigates passengers carried by 14 junks including that brings Jing Bing.

"Actually, I have also reported to his superior baljuw Adriaan Jubbels and gave him kickbacks and yet it is still so, does he not receive his share, or his share is too small?" Said Lieutenant Nio Kanko.

"It looks like he did not get his share so he became rude like that. Actually he should be polite, especially with a Captain." said doctor Jan de Put.

"All in Batavia have to pay doctor Jan! How bad is the mental of baljuw officers here. They are so greedy so that  he forget that he is a man who could die. All can be arranged with money, all become depraved and no moral values." said doctor Herman van Santen while grouse.

Batavia was currently not friendly to the Chinese people, however it turned out there were still sympathetic people like these doctors. It could not be said that all Dutch were ugly and nasty. These doctors showed a good attitude to everyone, an attitude of professional doctor.

The night grew late, orchestral performances Gambang Kromong ended, the musicians put away their instruments. Guests must went home before the gate of the city was closed. The ambiance of the street was quiet and dark. The vendors who had been selling in front of the hospital, was gone. The torch that illuminated the streets  already ran out of oil. For Jing Bing, really the first day in Batavia was strained. Canal water was shimmering in the moonlight that overwritten thereon. People walking towards his house looked tired and some of them a little drunk.