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on Thu, 01/05/2017 - 13:35
Chinese Hospital in Batavia
Chinese Hospital in Batavia

5. Yang Tjee Ie Hospital

Jing Bing's office was at the front building of the hospital which was white. From his office he could see the street along the canal that was covered by coconut trees. The canal in the western part of the city was crowded with boats transporting goods for Chinese traders who lived there. The high coconuts trees above the Hospital was waving, overwritten by the sea breeze, that according to the Dutch, brought the disease either fever or abdominal pain resulting in death. The dirty canal water showed a bad irrigation system has happened to this city. Although the buildings were beautiful but if the canal and water supply system did not support this beauty, this city would become hell.

The hospital building Yang Tjee Ie was only one floor, very simple but pleasant. It consisted of seven wings, four wings at the front side were connected to each other to form a large open space in the middle. The walls were thick and sturdy, very strong to withstand the rain and the wind. Its facade consisted of several windows with a gate in the middle. This front building was for doctors' and sinshe’s offices, registration room and other rooms of hospitals’ administration. At the front side was also located the waiting room for inpatient’s family and drugstore including the drug for outpatient who could go home. In the drugstore there was only Chinese medicine available, meanwhile the drug from the doctor’s prescription should be purchased in the pharmacy, located near the castle.

At the left, right and center buildings were ward for inpatients. Meanwhile the rear building was to house the orphans and mentally ill patients. The kitchen to cook food for the inpatient was also located at the back side. The place for washing bed linen and surgical equipment was a place that had to be completely sterile of bacteria, although it was also located at the back side, but they were at the closed corner with a clothesline. The operating room were at the left building and had to be sterile, that’s why in this room there were a hand washing and a dressing room for the surgeon, this room  was equipped with  a strong door.

Accupuncture patients were in a room on the left building, not far from Sinshe Tan Jing Bing’s office. Next to this room was doctor Jan de Put’s office. Every patient who came to the hospital was checked here first before being taken to the hospital ward room. In front of the office and the wards, on each wing of the building there was a wide terrace with a row of pillars. Outdoor open space was overgrown with shady trees that created the wide terrace in front of the ward a cool place.