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on Tue, 01/24/2017 - 22:36
Women's Prison
Women's Prison

The dormitory of nurses, called Zieken Oppaser, intended for nurses who were not married, was in the hospital building of the back side with a passage. They took turns keeping the patient and should be ready if the patient condition becomes in an emergency. Behind the dormitory  were the mortuary which can be reached from the road behind the hospital. Patients who died were brought home where the ceremony was held. Non-medical workers such as cooks, bed linen and tools hospital laundryman stay outside the hospital, except the slaves who were in charge of cleaning the rooms, they stayed in the room next door to mortuary. The cook is a trained person with diet dishes upon the request of physician or Sinshe.

People, who were waiting for his family because of serious illness, usually could buy food outside the hospital. Among the vendors of food, near the gates, every day there were vendors who sold Bak Pao containing meat or mung bean. People bought Bak Pao that was still warm, sweet and savory. Not infrequently, they bought Bak Pao and gave them to the sick. They did it on the sly because if the nurse know that, it would be banned.

Jing Bing lived in this dormitory, His room was spacious and located on the corner. Every morning the room was cleaned by the slaves, meanwhile Jing Bing has been at work to heal his patients. In the hospital Jing Bing worked with the nurses, who taught him the Malay Language, although his tongue was lips but still he could communicate well to the Chinese who have been mostly unable to speak Hokien or with the Javanese and Balinese, who got no place in the city hospital – and become  patient of in this hospital. From the nurses Jing Bing got a lot of stories about Batavia. The city was facing many health problems such as dysentery and malaria.

In the hospital he got along with many Chinese people and their slaves. They came to have acupuncture, accompanied with their slave carrying an umbrella. Although the Chinese were not rich they had at least a slave, as if no day without slaves. One thing that was very different from that in Fujian.