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Series EN 035

on Tue, 02/14/2017 - 08:42
The Castle of Batavia
The Castle of Batavia

For the patient, Sinshe Tan Jing Bing did babble and his Malay language was not clear in their ears, but Jing Bing kept trying and trying to speak better. Sinshe Tan interested and liked the Batavians whose culture are divers and mostly are friendly. People called him sinshe and respect him because he was regarded as a god healer, but sinshe Tan was still low profile. He was sad when people begin to discriminate one to another because of their social status. Social status differences that distinguish between the free men and the slaves. Sadly... in Batavia there was the Dutch who rule with absolute power over all nations in this city. Sadly ... in  Batavia the Chinese were prohibited to built their temple in the city because the Dutch thought that they worshiped the devil. Humans were born to be the same.

Jan de Put was the only doctor who is willing to work in this hospital. While the only surgeon worked here is Dr. Samuel Christiaan Kriel. They were in turn worked in the hospital, as their main duty was in the Dutch Hospital. Mean while a sinshe worked only in the Chinese hospital. The hospital was Jing Bing’s home because he lives here.

Even though Doctor Jan de Put was the head of this hospital, but he was not always at the Chinese Hospital. As a result, many duties were handed over to Jing Bing. While the hospital management was under Boedelmeester or accounting master with the responsibility of captain Nie Hoe Kong. This hospital Financing was from of the Chinese, both from the taxes or the donations. Since the hospital building became permanent and the western part of the city was built, the VOC government, for the purposes of supervision, required that the head of the hospital was a Dutch, although he was responsible to the Chinese captain.

Every morning Jing Bing’s task was checking around the hospital that had large wards. Together with his assistant, Jing Bing observed the healing progress of every patient. Not infrequently he had to help patients who were in critical condition. That's why he stayed in the hospital since he had to be on duty at all times. Throughout his duty, he knew that rich people did not want to stay in the hospital and he had to come to his house. Because the Chinese are more confidence to a sinshe than to a doctor, his task became more heavier. Sinshe Tan never quote a fee to his patient but they donate voluntary. This income was used to develop his clinic in the Chinese hospitals.