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Who We Are

We are concerned on the condition of Old towns in Indonesia. In this country old towns are deteriorated; need government and public attention to preserve it and not becoming degenerated. Not only in old Jakarta - Batavia, are most of the old towns both in large and small city worsened day by day. The government’s involvement in revitalize the old town is due to the responsibility to create a better urban environment as a whole. On the other hand public should be aware to look after their heritage.

We are not investor or Santa Claus who give a huge sum of money to change the old towns. We are just a group of people who are worry about the worsening condition. The only thing we could do is increasing the public awareness on the importance of old town for the urban economics. Hence we create Klik Batavia where we could give our thinking about the better old town Jakarta - Batavia. We would be glad if you joint us.