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Zion Church 2

The Mardijkers now is absorbed into the population of Jakarta in general. They had been the lower classes in Batavia that filled and moved the economy of the city besides the Chinese with their trade. They had a different culture and way of dressing. At the time the church was built in 1695, everyday language in Batavia was Portuguese and Malay as the communication between nations. Therefore the existence of the Mardijkers was very important in Batavia. From this story of course we know that Zion church is a historic church, full of story of the past

The exterior of Zion church is still the same as the original. This shape of building never existed in Europe so it is not an exaggeration if we dare to say as 'Batavian architecture' style. Similar to buildings within the city walls, the shape of this architecture is simple. However Batavian Architecture is 'Architecture that Search a new Form' adapting the buildings from a cold climate in Europe to the tropical climate of the archipelago.

The uniqueness of the building exterior also proceeds to the interior of the building. On the balcony above the Entrance of the North which was once the main entrance there is a hand organ. This hand organ is very old but still functioning. The organ keys consist of two levels and they still sound well. On top of these keys are the sound buttons made of brass and also work well. In Indonesia, it is very difficult to find an old church with very intact old organ. As the air pump it was used the treadle pump, but now it is replaced with the engine air pump. Nevertheless, this does not eliminate the sanctity of the church.

In the interior there are six columns of brick on which is continued beautifully with wood construction. The seat consists of old wooden chairs color in  black according to the color of wood in the pulpit that brings the parish to the very sacred atmosphere. The forms of chairs, pulpit and windows, are gothic that had been adapted to tropical atmosphere. The four churches within the walls of Batavia had been gone without a trace. Since Zion Church is the only church that still exists, she represents the sacred atmosphere of all vanished churches.

From an interview with the sexton, the building is very rarely visited by tourists. There are few tourists from the Netherlands who visit and admire its beauty, but no local tourists who go there. Indeed, this building seems aloof from the tumult preservation of the old city of Jakarta which includes Jakarta history museum, the fish market and maritime museum. Preservation of the old town is unraveling the history that has been forgotten. Without preservation efforts as a whole, there will be a lot of parts of history that is lost. Therefore preservation of the old town should include Zion Church although it is so remote. Especially around Zion Church there are remnants of old buildings that are still functioning properly. Preservation Zion Church and the surrounding environment will reveal many exciting parts outside the city walls as part of the Batavia.

Indeed, a good idea to visit Zion Church to see the religious atmosphere in Batavia, the old city of Jakarta.

The Old Hand Organ
The Old Hand Organ