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Series EN 030Captain Nie Hoe Kong's House

The more late the night, the atmosphere in Captain Nie Hoe Kong’s front yard increasingly festive. Residents who came to see the Gambang Kromong music increase in number. The sound of stringed musical instrument orchestra Tehyuan, kongahyan and sukong, often seen in China, coupled with Gong, drums, flutes, boning, krecek and rebab as traditional music of the archipelago became more serene accompanied the songs that were full of humor. A harmonious ensemble to deliver captivating music. Pretty girls played Tehyuan with a deft hand, her body swung following the rhythm overrode by the song.

Series EN 012

The spirit of endless struggle raged in Khe Pan Jang’s heart. That night the fighter stepped out one by one of the large Tan family’s house, crept into Fuqing city streets slowly. They did not feel the chill of the night air as in their mind was only one, attack! The darkness of the night helped Khe warrior’s men heading to the target that is Fuqing Yamen, rulers headquartered. Torch which illuminates the roadside gave shadows flashed quickly. The sound of night watchman and bamboo drums that reverberated accompany the night, passed by the shadow of Khe Pan Jang’s men.

Khe Pan Jang was in

Series EN 008

The Tan clan itself consisted of many families were considered as the founder of the Fuqing city. Since the Ming Dynasty the Tan family had been very authoritative and respected by the other clans. They had been hereditary and spread in Fujian province and even to the archipelago. In Fuqing they lived the city center, controlled trade and medical treatment.

* * *

In the narrow streets, in dense neighborhoods in the Fuqing city center, having many curves and composed of rock, poor people clustered waste time chatting. This alley intersection was comfortable for chatting.

Series EN 020The East Kali Besar Street

Their coversation about the situation of Batavia continued, although the political climate to the Chinese was heating up lately, no doubt Batavia was a vibrant city of the trade in which the role of the Chinese people was very important. The scorching sun baked sweating body, flushed skin, the lips were broken, shabby clothes full of dust, though not felt by the bustle of the port which was the heart of the city. In awe, on the boat, this young man explored the city through his eyes.

Series EN 003Life in Batavia

They were characterized by different religions. Chinese people who believed in the traditional Chinese faith: Confucian or Buddhist, met with Dutch who were Christian. For rulers, religion seemed to be the chief regulator of the way of life. For the Chinese religion was not perceived as fully outlined by the humans’ regulations. But life was governed by the nature and blend with God. Batavia became not belong to the ruler with full religious rules, but Batavia belonged to all human beings who lived in diverse cultures and belief.

Seri ID 021Toko Beras di Batavia

Walaupun tinggal di rumah Tan Tion Qua, Poh An bekerja sebagai  Pegawai Kapiten Nie Hoe Kong dan di tugaskan di pabrik gula daerah Ommelanden Batavia. Kapiten Nie Hoe Kong adalah seorang raja pedagang gula yang memiliki banyak pabrik gula dan arak. Poh An adalah kepercayaannya dalam mengelola pabrik-pabrik tadi. Pekerjaannya sehari-hari adalah mengontrol pabrik dan membagikan upah harian kepada para pekerja. Gula dan Arak yang dihasilkan sebagian dijual di Batavia dan sebagian dikirim kepelabuhan untuk dijual keluar kota.

Series EN 036Surgery in The Old Time

What made astonishing for Jing Bing was the surgical operation where the sick patient was put in bed  and the surgeon opened the sick part of the body and healed. He never know this treatment before. But it was very unfortunate for the young chirugijn (surgeon), they made a lot of failure that ends in death. Only doctor Samuel Christiaan Kriel a graduate from Leiden university was a top surgeon. Although he was still young but has a lot of experience. He was a good doctor, very humble and happy to be friends with everyone, including with Jing Bing.

Series EN 007

While the people passing under the Pailou – the city Gate - that stood since a few hundred years ago. They were usually farmers who bring vegetables to the city. Indeed, outside the area of Fuqing city had a prosperous land, with rice fields extended fulfilling people’s daily live. But the government seemed to ignore this prosperity.

Fuqing was a crowded city, crowded with merchants and mingled with beggars, never quiet and always alive. The building where traders sold filled with merchandise, looked dirty and dusty.

Batavian Shop-house and Terrace-house (2)

Within the walls of Batavia city, the houses were shop-houses and terrace-houses. From the map in 1733 illustrated clearly that all the houses within the walls did not have a yard and directly adjacent to the street. It shows the area within the walls had a high density. That's why VOC officials built new houses along Molenvliet, now named Gajah Mada and Jalan Hayam Wuruk streets.

In contrast to the shop-house in Chinatown that the front door was open as wide as the shop width, in Batavia shop-houses was not opened as wide as the shop width, but the facade had several wide windows and a wide

Seri ID 036Operasi di Jaman Dulu

Yang mengagumkan bagi Jing Bing adalah tindakan operasi pada pasien dimana pasien yang sakit di tidurkan dan di buka bagian yang sakit dan disembuhkan.Sistem pengobatan ini belum pernah dikenalnya. Tetapi sangat disayangkan karena para chirugijn muda banyak melakukan kegagalan sehingga banyak yang berakhir dengan kematian. Hanya dokter Samuel Christiaan Kriel yang lulusan universitas Leiden adalah dokter bedah yang pandai. Walaupun masih muda tetapi telah banyak pengalamannya. Dokter yang pandai ini sangat rendah hati dan senang berteman dengan semua orang termasuk dengan Jing Bing.