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Series EN 021A Rice Store in Batavia

Although staying at Tan Tion Qua’s house, Poh An worked for Kapitan Nie Hoe Kong and assigned in a sugar factory in Ommelanden Batavia. Poh An was whom Nie Hoe Kong could rely on managing his sugar factories. His daily work was to control the factory and distributed daily wages to the workers. One part of sugar and rice wine produced were sold in Batavia and another part were sent to the port to be sold out of the city. His work led him acquainted with the workers and slaves from Bali.

Tan Poh An was Tan Jing Bing’s best friend since childhood and they loved to play in the river.

Series EN 005

Amid the desire away from their homeland were the sons of Fuqing who rebelled against the Manchu emperor far away in the Forbidden City - Beijing. Rebellion was the blood that flows, relentless, defending truth and glory of heavenly wind. They were fighters persistent life never gave up and always be consistent in their ideals. The soul of this struggle made people of Fuqing always grounded in new hope, looking for new worlds away from his homeland.

Fuqing city, surrounded by hills, which was like a dragon surrounded and protected it, was ever shining in the Ming dynasty (1368-1644 AD). The

7. Public BuildingsThe Governor of Batavia Anthony van Diemen (1593 - 1645)

Among the public buildings at Tiger was the town hall, of which square reached until the watter-straat (Tee Street) or Heeren- Straat. And then, the short age Latin School of Batavia. This school was opened in 1642 in the reign of Governor-General Anthony van Diemen, the rector was pastor John Sterthemius and a dozen students. Its façade was in Tiger Canal, but the yard - there was a large playground and a beautiful house for the rector – opened to the back side with a stone gateway to the Crocodile Canal.

1. The first Scenario A Place for Prayer in Kemenangan Street

Architectural theory is a major hospital that consists of various data analysis tools in the same destination, to search for one's illness and to provide treatment. The social conditions of communities that are ill, is always seen in terms of socioeconomic without seeing the gaps as an integral part of the spatial system. It is one method to seek the return of faulty memory by changes.2)

Architectural theory is the background of healing of lost recollection due to political pressure.

3. The Third ScenarioThe Street and The Building

Architectural theory is grown not in the world of practitioners who were very afraid of the capital owners, but in the world of education as an academic excellence that distinguishes architecture schools with one another. The development of each architecture school is based on a unique curriculum and organized by idealism. Could this happen in Indonesia?

Our nation likes too much with the uniform, not just a military uniform, but also electric substation, bus stops, gas stations, up to a public restroom, the architecture department must abide by the national curriculum that makes all the

4. The Last Scenario.Le Corbusier, The chapel of Notre Dame du Haut in Ronchamp completed in 1954

As well as Modern Architecture, from Post Modern to Deconstruction all grown up with the support of educational institutions. Deconstruction developed because of AA (Architectural Association) which controlled the journals of architecture in England. Similarly, modern architecture evolved because of Bauhaus institution and De Stijl magazine developed in Europe. In fact, the support undertaken at the Bauhaus seeking ideological foundations that caused its closure by Hitler for being leftist and the teachers fled Germany. Aesthetics is trust to be derived from ideological concepts.

Seri ID 034Penjara Wanita

Asrama juru rawat yang disebut Zieken Oppaser, diperuntukkan bagi juru rawat yang belum menikah, berada di sayap samping belakang rumah sakit dengan pintu tembus yang terbuka. Mereka bergiliran menjaga pasien dan harus siap sedia jika keadaan pasien menjadi darurat. Dibelakang asrama mereka terdapat ruang mayat yang dapat dicapai dari jalan belakang. Pasien yang meninggal dibawa pulang dan diadakan upacara di rumah.

Mega-urbanization of Jakarta 2Pasar Baru (New Market)

At present there are more than 80 shopping centers in Jakarta. They are classified into several specification from a shopping centre specialized  selling cellular phone such as Roxy Mas, to Dusit mall and Mangga Dua Mall that specialize in selling computer. There are of course malls that are not specialized in a certain good such as Taman Anggrek mall, it has various thing from ice-scatting, exhibition to movie and music entertainment for their visitors at its ground floor. The old market such as Pasar Pagi Mangga Dua and Pasar Tanah Abang are specialized in clothes.

2. The Name Tijgergracht (Tiger Canal)Tijgergracht

At the beginning of 1762, with increasing urbanization in Batavia, these predators disappear. At least recorded in the book of indie plakaatboek nederland, mentioning that the Governor-General Van der Parra decided that the need to kill the tiger was not so important any more. But in the previous century, the tiger's name was a respected name that is used to name a canal which was the longest and oldest canal in Batavia.

Tiger Canal lied parallel to the Great River, which flowed Ciliwung river and flows from Amsterdam canal along the Town Hall.

1. Playboy Batavia yang tewas di tiang gantunganJalan Pintu Kecil

Bagi orang yang lahir di Jakarta jaman dulu, nama itu sudah sangat dikenal. Bukan karena uangnya saja, tetapi ulahnya yang membuat orang tua gadis-gadis cantik khawatir setengah mati. Namun akhirnya Oey Tambahsia kena batunya juga.

Pada tahun 1837, Jalan Toko Tiga di Jakarta Kota merupakan pusat perdagangan yang ramai. Toko tembakau terbesar di jalan itu milik seorang pedagang besar Tionghoa asal Pekalongan, bernama Oey Thoa. Meskipun belum lama menetap di Betawi, Oey sudah cukup terkenal. Bukan saja karena kebesaran usahanya, tetapi juga kedermawanannya.