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on Fri, 03/31/2017 - 10:46
Acupuncture Points at Head
Acupuncture Points at Head

Of the many diseases handled by Yang Tjee Ie hospital, malaria was an endemic in recent years. The diseases caused by the anopheles mosquito was initiated through an unhealthy environment. While stomach illness dysentery was the second disease suffered by the residents of Batavia. To combat this plague, in contrast to the Dutch doctor, sinshe Tan referred to many Chinese traditional medicine. And strangely, he is more trustworthy among the Chinese than the Dutch doctors. The incurable diseases such as gonorrhea could be cured with Tufuling or Rhizoma Smilacis Glabrae. Traditional medicine commonly used by official playboys ordered through Cuncu (skipper), who landed in Batavia because he was also used that medicine. Besides that, one of the diseases that requires attention was Panswee or stroke that befell among many rich either Chinese or Dutch.

With the sugar crisis leaving many people unemployed, Batavia experienced an outbreak of the disease in which suddenly lame or unable to talk. The Chinese call it Pan Swe, the Dutch called it apoplexy. The doctor becomes confused because they can not cure it. They did not know what the medicine was. However for sinshe Tan Jing Bing it was not a strange illness. A disease affecting many people's minds because the unemployment could be cured only with On Kung Niu Huang, or commonly called Angkung and Acupuncture. Sometimes it was not a total cure, but it was very helpful because it could treat people who paralyzed, could walk again though limping slightly.

That was why sinshe Tan became famous. Chinese medicinal herbs he gave was also very helpful to make the body became fresh again. Because of the well-known efficacious, Sinshe Tan’s polyclinic in the Chinese hospital was very crowded. In the morning he practiced at the clinic for the poor, in the afternoon he went to wealthy patients who did not go to the hospital. But many VOC officers who suffered paralyzed was shy to call him for treatment at that time the Dutch believed that Acupuncture was a mystical treatment summon demons. Such treatment was prohibited by Christianity.

The hospital was a place in need for urbanites communication. That was where a patient knew the doctor and sinshe in Batavia. Conversely, for the doctor, sinshe and hospital nurses was the place to get to know the citizens of different customs and cultures. Hence the Chinese hospital became a place of communication for all in Batavia. As the hospital was not only to serve the Chinese population who live in the city, but also those who live outside the city walls, not only the Chinese but all nations. Then she became the communication center of the entire population of Batavia and Ommelanden. The gate of Utrecht near the hospital which connects the area outside the city walls, was very crowded during the day and evening by relatives of patients who visited the hospital.