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Series EN 038

on Wed, 05/31/2017 - 07:47
Chinese Medicine
Chinese Medicine

                                                                       6. Aaltje

That afternoon Jing Bing was busy concocting medicine for a sickly fever patient, as a sinshe concocting drug was part of his job. Indeed, in the drug store there was a drug that had been wrapped, the concoction work of the assistants on the basis of the recipe he gave. But for severe illness Jing Bing had to mix up a special drug. This was because in addition to expensive medicinal price also must be fitted right dribs. Before mixed, medicinal ingredients are weighed first with a small scale. After the scales balanced, the medicine was smoothed and mixed with other ingredients. If at the hospital there was no medicine the patient needed, then he made a recipe to be purchased at Petak Sembilan in the Chinatown. There was a famous "Lo An Tong" drug store that was said to have a network to Fujian.

His workspace was painted clean white with a piece of Chinese painting next to a poem. On the right side of the long table that was full of drugs, there was also a table to receive patients. On the left side there was also a divan to check the patient. On the right wall there was a medicine cabinet high up to the ceiling. The odor of Chinese medicine filled the whole space.

Suddenly from the slightly open door appeared doctor Jan de Put. His face was shine with hospitality. His clothes were clean white, a doctor uniforms, looked dashing with sideburns.

"Good day sinshe, may I interrupt you for a while?" Doctor Jan de Put greeted in Malay with Dutch accent.

"Ah good afternoon doctor, please come in, can I help you?" Jing Bing replied in Malay but babble, his face glowing, invited doctor Jan de Put to sit in the chair, in front of his desk. The desk was not big, clean and there was no pile of books, just a bundle of paper and a pen to write the recipe.

"Sinshe I want to ask you for a help, there is a Dutch man Meneer William van Eickman suffered Apopleksi, his body half can not be moved and just sleep on the bed. Although already several times doctor Herman van Santen treated him but never healed, can Sinshe treat him? Meneer Eickman is the chief accountant. "