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Acupuncture In Old Jakarta

If we talk about Batavia, it is not complete if we do not talk about traditional Chinese medical treatment and medicine store that has been widely recognized and used by everyone. Traditional Chinese medical treatment and medicine has been known since the Chinese have lived in Java, older than the city of Batavia itself. Even now when modern medicine has been widely recognized, many people are still looking for a cure with traditional Chinese medical treatment and medicine. As if these two things are ingrained in the hearts of the people. More than that, it has been developed with modern equipment. This time we will talk about Acupuncture, Chinese medical treatment.

Acupuncture is a Traditional Chinese Medicine that has been known since along time ago. As it is too old, people do not know when exactly acupuncture was recognized. Chinese medicine historians say acupuncture has existed since the emperor Shennong who lived 5000 years ago. Then the knowledge of this treatment spread to several parts of Asia including Batavia brought by Chinese immigrants. Now this medical treatment has been known throughout the world and developed further in developed countries.

Basically Acupuncture is sticking a needle on the skin surface right at the point of Chi or breath of life. These points can only be read by a Sin-she, Chinese traditional doctor. By sticking the needle at the point of Chi appropriately the disease will go away. Acupuncture is not only used for the treatment of minor ailments such as stiff joints, but to even severe stroke. Not only sticking the needle on the skin surface right at the point of Chi, the needles are also vibrated slowly so that the patient will feel of the breath of life flow throughout the body so he healed. The needles had been driven by a special tool with a certain length of time. Usually for half an hour. The needle vibrator is equipped with cables of which tip is clamped to the needle tip. How thrilling needle in the era before electricity? The needles had been played at a time by hand.

Before doing needling a Sin-she will check your heart rate and blood pressure so that the condition of the patient before treatment is known. Checking heart rate has been done long ago by Sin-She in China. The needles used to puncture are very thin but long, approximately three centimeters. A Sin-she always used new needles so that patients will not be infected with diseases such as aids. When the needle is put into the skin ached a little like being bitten by ants, but after coming to the surface of the skin and gently vibrated with a vibrator, a patient can fall asleep soundly as relaxed and comfortable. Because of the comfort there are patients who had recovered remains for routine acupuncture to restore stamina.

In Batavia acupuncture Sin-She was in Chinese hospital located in Rhinoceros Gracht or now Tiang Bendera Street. Now the hospital have disappeared, although in the 1740 riots survived the fire. In addition, at that time there were also acupuncture sin-shes in Glodok but it was not clear where his place.

Now in the old Jakarta remains acupuncture named "Yayasan Akupuntur" or acupuncture foundation in Jalan Ketapang Utara I No. 21 served by the experienced Sin-She.  This foundation is a charity that set low prices for its patients than private practicing Sin-She. Once needling is cost fifty thousand Rupiah only. For the poor who brought a letter from the Chairman of the neighborhood association prove that the patient is not able to pay, free of charge.

People who seek treatment at the Acupuncture Foundation are very diverse from various ethnic, religious and economic groups, poor and rich. Almost every day the Acupuncture Foundation is always full of patients and served by more than ten experienced Sin-She. In addition to extensive building parking lot is also available in the courtyard. The clinic is open 8:00 to 12:00 hours, and open again at 16.00 until 18.00. Saturday only open 8:00 to 12:00, Sundays and holiday closed.

If you go to Jakarta, have to try acupuncture in Yayasan Akupuntur, here you will feel the atmosphere of Chinese hospital in Batavia that is now a distant memory.